Posted by: jackslife | November 14, 2007

Embracing Accusations

Over the last week I have been on a media fast. I decided to go one full week (yes, right in the middle of football season) without watching television, listening to secular radio or music, or playing video games. There were a number of reasons that I wanted to do this, but generally my purpose was just to replace low priority things with things that are more important to me, such as my wife, my spiritual life, and edifying reading.

During the last week one of the things that really spoke to me was a passage from “Freedom of a Christian” by Martin Luther.

“And if they are one flesh and there is between them a true marriage-indeed the most perfect of all marriages, since human marriages are but poor examples of this on true marriage-it follows that everything they have they hold in common, the good as well as the evil. Accordingly the believing soul can boast of and glory in whatever Christ has as though it were it’s own, and whatever the soul has Christ claims as his own… for if Christ is a bridegroom, he must take upon himself the things which are his bride’s and bestow upon her the things that are his. If he gives her his body and very self, how shall he not give her all that is his? And if he takes the body of the bride, how shall he not take all that is hers?”

While this was still fresh on my mind, I went to see a concert that Shane and Shane were playing and they performed the song Embracing Accusations. This song presents the same beautiful picture of God’s grace and mercy towards us.

The father of lies
Coming to steal
Kill and destroy
All my hopes of being good enough
I hear him saying cursed are the ones
Who can’t abide
He’s right
Alleluia he’s right!

The devil is preaching
The song of the redeemed
That I am cursed and gone astray
I cannot gain salvation
Embracing accusation

Could the father of lies
Be telling the truth
Of God to me tonight?
If the penalty of sin is death
Then death is mine
I hear him saying cursed are the ones
Who can’t abide
He’s right
Alleluia he’s right!

Oh the devil’s singing over me
An age old song
That I am cursed and gone astray
Singing the first verse so conveniently
He’s forgotten the refrain
Jesus saves!

I have really just been reminded through both of these how beautiful the gospel is.  We were sinners, totally unable to please God and attain salvation, but while we were yet sinners Christ died for us and took our sins while clothing us in his righteousness.  What an awesome truth.


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