Posted by: jackslife | November 16, 2007

Good ol’ Saudi Justice

Ruling Jolts Even Saudis: 200 Lashes for Rape Victim

I know that when you take the long view of history there have been some pretty horrible things done in the name of Christ too, but a religion that can be interpreted this way really strains the credibility of those saying that mainstream Islam isn’t so bad.  This kind of thing seems to be the norm in the Islamic world and not the exception.  The Muslim world routinely walks all over the rights of women and anyone who isn’t Muslim.

I did have a thought about the rise of Islam in the American consciousness.  It seems like sometimes the appearance of injustice can serve to drive the church towards a position in opposition to that injustice.  I would hope that the social ills that we have seen coming from the Muslim world would cause the church to take a stand against that injustice.  The church should be leading the charge against the persecution of the people in these countries, instead of waiting for the government to do the job.  The same is true in our own cities.  We should be leading the charge against poverty by serving the poor.  We are supposed to look to the widows and orphans, not wait for some government to set up a new program to care for them.



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