Posted by: jackslife | November 19, 2007

When Condescension is Good

We generally think of condescension as a bad thing. The problem is that condescension is always an assertion of superiority of the person doing the condescending.

Condescension is defined by Websters as “voluntary descent from one’s rank or dignity in relations with an inferior” or as “patronizing attitude or behavior”. The second of these definitions is the one that we generally think of. The definition I am interested in here is the first.

I have been preoccupied by the ultimate act of condescension this morning. This act was carried out by one so far above each of us in station, that we can’t possibly comprehend the gap. It was carried out on behalf of people at direct enmity with the one who chose to condescend in their favor. The condescender was perfect in every way, free from vice or sin. In this perfection, he condescended to become one of us. This perfect one condescended to take all of our sin onto himself and to suffer and die for us. He condescended to impart his righteousness to us and to give us the gift of his Holy Spirit. He continues to condescend by interceding on our behalf.

How sweet beyond measure is this beautiful condescension.



  1. You caught me with the title! You’re tricky, but your exactly right. Thanks for the reminder.

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