Posted by: jackslife | December 10, 2007

The Philosophy of Whatever

There seems to be a new dominating religious philosophy moving through American youth.  This movement is even moving into churches.  It is called Moralistic Therapeutic Deism.  I don’t really find this article to be all that surprising, as it seems to match with both the relativistic overtones of society in general and the embrace of pluralism rampant in the emergent church movement.  It also lines up with the laziness that typifies American thought.

I would hope that this brand of vague spirituality is the kind of thing that someone would outgrow.  It seems to make sense that the home of this thought process would be in the minds of empty-headed teenagers.  I know, the article does state that these kids aren’t generally inarticulate, but the subjects that they can speak articulately on aren’t really evidence of intellectual depth.  My biggest concern would be that the direction our culture is going, what with our deification of entertainment, isn’t exactly the best kind of environment for personal growth.  Is this just the next step in the downward spiral towards oblivion, or merely a blip on the radar that will adjust itself as these kids get older and the next generation comes along?  Who knows.


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