Posted by: jackslife | December 14, 2007

Whiney, Sun-depleted Atheists Unite!

I am linking to this blog post, just because it’s funny. The post was actually a follow up to this article by Michael Brendan Dougherty.

The general tone of the article points out the silliness of an atheist “movement”. It would be like a movement dedicated to disbelieving in the tooth fairy. It’s pretty odd to define yourself by a lack of belief in anything. There are lots of things I don’t believe in. I don’t believe in Santa Claus for instance. I also don’t believe in unicorns, fairies, or intelligent comments coming out of the mouth of Bill Maher. I just don’t choose to make those unbeliefs central preoccupations of my existence.

I’m sure that the response to this comment from the average person attending this conference would be something about how religious belief is dangerous and belief in unicorns isn’t, but this is ridiculous. Are there people who do bad things and then justify them based on their religion, certainly. There are also people who do bad things and then blame it on growing up poor or voices in their head telling them to. The obvious fact is that the majority of Christians, or Muslims for that matter, do not behave in violent or anti-social ways. According to the studies sited in this article, 90% of Americans express a belief in God, and the majority of those people never bomb a building, snipe at people on a freeway, or even drop water balloons onto passers-by off a high rise.

Despite my disbelief in Allah, I don’t feel it necessary to gather together in a group with other people who don’t believe in Allah. If a Muslim flies a plane into a building, I will join everyone else in decrying that action. If I think that a specific religion encourages people to fly planes into buildings, I will even point that out. Other than that, I don’t feel like it’s worth my breath.



  1. I have long thought that people who reject religion and instead consider themselves “rational” actually have a religion–their faith is science. It is actually fairly similar to a classic religion, in that most followers do not themselves understand all of the facets and tenets of their faith, and even the priesthood (in this case, scientists) have a very incomplete understanding. Science is progressing rapidly, and last year’s unshakable truth is next year’s forgotten wrong turn (see “Global Cooling”). However, everyone defends the faith doggedly and trusts implicitly that their faith will be rewarded.

    You would think that this religion, being anti-religious, has very little to offer, religiously speaking. However, there are enemies of this faith–those who do not believe in the ability of science to completely explain the universe. Hence, the religious fervor we see developing to attack those who refuse to elevate the god of science above all others.

    It also that this movement seems to share another trait found in religions like Islam–a thirst for world domination.

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