Posted by: jackslife | January 17, 2008

Huckabee elaborates

There is a good interview with Mike Huckabee on BeliefNet. He says some things in describing his positions on some issues that mirror what I have said for a long time. I don’t know if I agree with him that it becomes the government’s job if the churches, neighborhoods, etc. don’t take care of it. Maybe it is what we get though. The church isn’t doing the job that it should be doing, so we get a government that feels it necessary to try it’s hand at it.

There’s something interesting going on now in the evangelical world – there’s a conversation going on about what the agenda ought to be that seems broader. There was a little bit of a sense that the religious conservative leadership, while emphasizing important things like abortion and family, had neglected issues like poverty and the environment. Do you think that’s true?

I’ve said that, that I’ve felt like as Christians and particularly even as Republicans, we needed to address issues that touched the broader perspective, and that included disease, hunger, poverty, homelessness, the environment. And it’s not a matter that we’re going to become left-wingers. I don’t think that at all. I think taking care of the earth is a matter of stewardship. It’s not about global warming, it’s about stewardship and responsibility. [Emphasis mine — BS.] Things like hunger and homelessness. And it’s not about having a government program, it’s about simply reminding each of us as individual citizens that this is an area of our own responsibility. At my own church… our church is very, very engaged in everything from dealing with hunger, poverty, and we reach out to a lot of people. We don’t ask the government to do it. We do it ourselves as a church. It’s part of our ministry. The only reason the government would get involved would be that the other social institutions – primarily the family the church the neighborhood – failed. [Emphasis mine — BS.] If the family or church does its own work and does it well, then there’s no reason for government to ever get into these things at all. The ideal is that they wouldn’t, that they’ll do a lousy job of it generally.

He also elaborates on what I think has been his greatest blunder in this campaign.  He talks about the comments he made regarding using the Bible as a Constitutional evaluator.  I think this confirms the greatest fear of the secular voting world, that Huckabee would subject every policy decision to the Bible test.  I personally don’t have a problem with him doing that, I just wish he hadn’t made it public information that he would govern that way.  I can certainly see how that would be scary to people who view religion the way that many non-Christians do.


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