Posted by: jackslife | January 21, 2008

Death of the Newspaper

The Crunchy Con raises an interesting question this morning. This brings me back to the good old days, sitting around reading Neil Postman over a good beer and a fire (Ok, so no fire, it just sounded like that should be part of the picture.)

I can’t honestly say that I have lost any sleep over the fading newspaper biz. While I do agree with Rod on the lack of interest that people have in real news, I don’t know that you could really trace a causal relationship with people getting their information from the web instead of the paper. I think that our society has experienced an overall shift towards the trivial. I’m sure that there are a number of causes for this, and maybe the death of the newspaper is one of them. I think that the entertainment society that Postman describes in Amusing Ourselves to Death, and the internet fits into this, probably is one of the causes of this issue.

I think the biggest reason for people moving away from the MSM is just one of choice. In the past, people didn’t really have an option about where they got their news. Now you can pick which trough you want to drink from. The MSM is just completely out of touch with the public at large. This is one industry that has consistently dismissed the desires of the consumer, and until recently has gotten away with it. The same thing has happened in the music industry. The people calling the shots in both of these industries have felt like they never had to change to meet the demands of the market, and now they are paying the price.


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