Posted by: jackslife | February 13, 2008

What does your iPod say about you?

Chuck Klosterman has written an article that I found on MSN about whether or not the music a person listens to reveals anything about the person.

I don’t necessarily think that you are always going to get some deep insight about a person based on their answer to the question, “What kind of music do you like?”, but I would say that there are some things you can learn about a person based on that question.  First, and the most glaringly obvious, is whether you like the same music as that person.  I think the reason people ask the question is part of the process of finding common ground for further conversation.

I am the first person to admit to being a music snob, so I’m sorry if this next bit offends anyone, but I think that if you answer “anything by Brittany Spears” to the music preference question, I can deduce that you either don’t care about art or culture, or that you are just the ultimate slave to the media driven consumer culture of our society…, or to add another option, you might be 12.



  1. I couldn’t live with you if you listened to Britney Spears. So thanks for not.

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