Posted by: jackslife | February 19, 2009

I’m Back (and thinking about food)

Ok, so after a long hiatus, my good friend Chad’s recent blogging activity has prompted me to return to the world of blogging.

So, this will be somewhat of a new leaf (no pun intended) for this blog, but my first post back is about agriculture.  Over the last few months I have been doing a lot of reading about the state of agriculture in this country.  Thanks to Rod Dreher I have discovered the brilliance that is Wendell Berry, who I anticipate taking his place next to Neil Postman in my pantheon of influential figures.  In reading Berry, I have developed an ever growing distaste for the world of big agriculture.  Horrible stewardship of the land and the destruction of rural communities seems to be the hallmark of this industry.  Well, it looks like the times they are a changing.

For some time the trend has been towards fewer and fewer small family farms, which have been replaced by massive monoculture strip farming.  According to this article in a Washington newspaper, this trend has begun to reverse and small farms are on the rise again.  This news leads me to dream of a world in which we can all buy fresh locally grown produce…, or something.

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