Posted by: jackslife | March 9, 2009

Ron Paul and Raw Milk

Ron Paul is pushing to make the sale of raw milk legal. Currently it is illegal to sell raw milk through interstate commerce.  This is definitely one of those areas where it seems insane that the federal government is calling the shots on this issue.  Says Paul –

Americans have the right to consume these products without having the Federal Government second-guess their judgment about what products best promote health. If there are legitimate concerns about the safety of unpasteurized milk, those concerns should be addressed at the state and local level.

This should definitely be a local/state issue and not a federal one. There are legitimate questions about what is healthier, and I think Paul is exactly right that the government should allow individuals to decide, and that the state and local governments should be allowed to decide whether to permit it or not. I am glad that Ron Paul is a part of our government.



  1. I love Ron Paul…

  2. Yay, I contributed to your thought process! We should really write letters to our legislators. Actually. For real.

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