Posted by: jackslife | March 13, 2009

All Men are Grass

I wanted to share a video that is currently on display at the Nevada Museum of Art.  The exhibit is called, “Between Grass and Sky” and features a good friend of mine named Andy Hedges reciting “Anthem”, which is the introduction to a longer cowboy poem by Buck Ramsey entitled “Grass”.  The poem is great, and the video is quite well produced.  Check it out here.  Here is an excerpt from the poem –

The grass was growing scarce for grazing,
Would soon turn sod or soon turn bare.
The money men set to replacing
The good and true in spirit there.
We could not say, there was no knowing,
How ill the future winds were blowing.
Some cowboys even shunned the ways
Of cowboys in the trail herd days
(But where’s the gift not turned for plunder?),
Forgot that we are what we do
And not the stuff we lay claim to.
I dream the spell that we were under;
I throw in with a cowboy band
And go out horseback through the land.

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