Posted by: jackslife | March 25, 2009

Our Sex is Their Economy (and vice versa)

Leave it to Patrick Deneen to say something that I have been trying to express in a far more intellegent way than I ever could.  I have been saying that American “liberals” and “conservatives” are just mirror images of each other, with different pet peaves, for quite a while.  The only difference between the two is where they want to place liberty, in the sexual realm or in the economic.  On both sides the shrill cries ring out for freedom from the influences of government, or to be honest, even society.

One of the repercussions of our extremely individualistic society is that we don’t want anyone to tell us how to live our lives.  We should be able to run our sex lives or our businesses however we see fit.  This effect has been amplified by a society that is increasingly disconnected from community of any kind.  We are a mobile people, who float in and out of communities, churches, and even our families.  We have rejected the social controls that come with becoming truly invested in a community or place.  We are not accountable to our neighbors, after all, we don’t even know our neighbors.  We are not accountable to our church, because we have never really accepted the rule of that body, choosing to make our own rules.  We are not accountable to our families, because we have relocated to the other side of the country.  I’m not saying that there is anything inherently wrong with moving from one place to another, but we have become so mobile in every area of our life that the impulse to leave might be stronger than any control that the community might have on us.

I believe that Deneen is right, and that the answer is for more self governance, but I think that one of the mechanisms for encouraging self governance is a strong community.  This community should start with strong families, but the point is that the people around you can work as a restraining influence.  I think that this is part of what the Bible was talking about when it encouraged Christians to be salt and light.  A strong community can act as a preserving influence.  Unfortunately, both sides of the political isle have served to weaken true communities in their own way.  Community is being sacrificed to the state on one side and to big business on the other.  Either way, it is still being sacrificed.



  1. Wow. Thanks for sharing this! I completely agree with the article and your thoughts. I hadn’t quite thought of it that basic explanation, but it’s exactly right.

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