Posted by: jackslife | March 30, 2009

Sex and Economy Part II

Another post from Patrick Deneen that continues to point out the inconsitancy within certain ideologies.  This bit sums up his point well –

The adoption of an ethic of individualist liberation is required to eviscerate such communities in order to displace its requirements of self-restraint, fidelity, limitation and continuity, replacing these instead with conditions of openness that permit constant self-creation and “experiments in living.” Liberals and conservatives alike – so-called – conspire against community in the name of progress. Its defenders are regarded as recidivists, or people on the wrong side of history. Names such as “Luddites,” “provincials,” “townies” or “red-necks” are employed to denigrate any legitimacy of their claims. Instances of limitations or repression of individual satisfactions are given wide play, while the associated costs of dissolution, deracination, placelessness, abuse of the environment, destruction of memory, annihilation of culture are perhaps bemoaned at some later point in time – when those same destroyers seek to erect a museum to the memory of eviscerated cultures or a habitat (or “reservation”) for displaced species or tribes. Associated costs of those prior actions are all viewed as separate and unrelated phenomena – most often to be dealt with by means of expanded government programs – rather than a direct consequence of our self-congratulatory acts of individualist liberation.

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