Posted by: jackslife | April 8, 2009

The Safety of Our Power

Let the freak out begin.  According to Reuters, It looks like our power grid has been severely compromised.  Time to rush out and get your personal wind turbines.  Head for the hills!

But seriously, this is a bit disturbing.  Yet another area where a foreign country has a disturbing amount of control over our security.  We are living on foreign oil, increasingly on foreign food, and now we find out that China, Russia, and other countries have penetrated our electrical grid.  Scary stuff.


  1. Comforting. I’m telling you, the more informed you become about our country and the world just gives you a warm ‘n’ fuzzy feeling all over. I wonder how much stuff like this happens all across the world everyday and what America know about other countries key infrastructure?

    Are there really any secrets left?

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