Posted by: jackslife | April 10, 2009

A New “Green” Revolution

La Vida Locavore has a post up about the bill S.384, which seems to be designed to increase the global reach of the Monsantos of the world.  This quote (try to ignore the instance of the website’s perma-scorn towards conservatives) sums up the agribusiness position on such matters pretty well –

Here’s my overall take on the report and it’s findings: I certainly do not know enough about Africa and S. Asia to know what the problems or the solutions might be. However, just like Conservatives in the U.S. think the solution to EVERY problem is “tax cuts,” I’ve noticed that fertilizer, pesticide, and biotech companies think the solution to EVERY problem is “yield” – and they offer themselves up as the solution every single time. And I just don’t buy that at face value. Especially since other respected organizations have called for alternative solutions, like organics, for Africa and S. Asia.

Reminds me of the quote sometimes attributed to Mark Twain that, “To a hammer everything looks like a nail.”


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