Posted by: jackslife | April 10, 2009

Phillip Pullman on C.S. Lewis and Tolkien

Alan Jacobs has started up a great conversation on the American Scene about Phillip Pullman, of The Golden Compass fame, and his opinions on Tolkien and more especially C.S. Lewis.

I understand that Pullman has really just trotted out a standard atheist perspective regarding the life hating Christians, but one issue that I have always taken with this idea is that it presupposes that the life that Christians are living is less fulfilling or somehow missing something because of it’s focus on the afterlife.  I can understand that perspective, but I also disagree with it.  I feel that my worship and Christian community are additions to my life that I would be missing were I an atheist.  My appreciation of the world around me is increased because of the order that I see in it, there is a specific kind of relationship that I enjoy with my Christian friends that can’t be experienced outside of faith, and I find peace and beauty in worship.  These are all additive elements.  Sure, I see there being an afterlife that will be superior this this life, but that doesn’t require that I lose anything in this life.


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