Posted by: jackslife | April 13, 2009

What is Your Idealogical Nemesis?

There is a great conversation going on at the Crunchy Con blog regarding people’s “nemesis vision”.  The “nemesis vision” comes from a James Poulos article in which he says that there are fairly limited ideas that he would elevate to nemesis status.  Rod’s nemesis vision is a cultural loss of a sense of Truth.  He specifically mentions something call Moralistic Therapeutic Deism as a harbinger of this.

Here are a couple of comments that I would like to specifically call attention to:

From Bill-

I share your critique of Moralistic Therapeutic Deism, but I think I’d put it in second place behind The Libertarian Mindset on my nemesis hit parade. It seems to me that if you look underneath the surface of most of our societal problems (sprawl, sexual ethics, marriage, family, climate change, finances, whatever), you find an Ayn Randian worldview. Sometimes its phrased in terms of “get your laws off my body.” At other times, its “get your laws {or ethics}off my land, my business, etc.” The supposedly autonomous self is exalted, self-interest is held paramount, the market is worshiped, technology is embraced, “progress” is assumed, and human nature is seen to be basically good. In various formulations, you see this on both the Left and the Right.

And from Shelley –

I think my Nemesis thought is that the loss of absolute Truth in the minds of the majority will result in a loss of Freedom for those who adhere to Truth. In other words, it seems like with MTD you are required to be tolerant of all things except Intolerance. Those who have firmly held beliefs are the ones who are immoral because they are committing a sin against the most cherished and foundation belief, Tolerance.


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