Posted by: jackslife | May 7, 2009

NAIS Won’t Go Away

La Vida Locavore has a disturbing article that seems to be saying that mandatory animal tagging is on it’s way in.  This is awful news for small farmers, who will be forced to take on additional expenses to tag their animals.  From the article –

By the way, you may have noticed that when referring to livestock, I refrained from referring to them as ‘the national herd’ or ‘the national flock’ or ‘the national school of fish’. There’s a reason for that. Those animals, with the exception of most wildlife and mustangs in this country don’t belong to the country. These animals are private property. The don’t belong to the US, they are not part of a ‘National Herd’. My stock doesn’t belong to you, and your stock doesn’t belong to me, and none of our animals belong to Dr. John Clifford, Secretary Vilsack, or any of the other panelists or committee members at that public hearing. The United States of America doesn’t import or export anything, unless it’s a federal agency or department doing the import/export. It’s individuals and companies in the USA that do the importing and exporting. Saying that our animals are part of the national herd or the national flock, sounds to me like someone is trying to place my private property and yours into the commons of this country. That dog won’t hunt, as they say in the vernacular.

I would have a lot less problem with this idea if it was limited to people involved in national and international sales of animals, but this is going to apply to local farmers who directly market to consumers, and it seems it will even apply to homesteaders and hobbyists.  This will continue to make it more difficult for small farmers to make a living, and will not make us one iota safer.


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