Posted by: jackslife | May 7, 2009

Tribute to a Housewife

There have been a couple of posts this week that extol the virtues of these uncelebrated, but infinitely important, members of our society.  Rod has a wonderful post about the unfathomably dificult job that his wife fills, and Sharon Astyk has a great post that is a defense of her practical duties.  I think that the sad thing is that all of this has been relegated to only the housewives.  A lot of what Sharon talks about on her blog is stuff that I would love to know more about and do more of myself.

Wendell Berry talks a lot about how our modern situation has taken many of us outside of the home for more and more of our daily lives.  The work of caring for our homes used to be more evenly split between the various members of a household.  It has turned much of this work into a drudgery, as the work that we have to do is stacked on top of our already busy lives.  I know that thoughts of spending my weekend catching up on the housework that my wife and I weren’t able to do during the week sends a shiver of dread up my spine.  Such is life in the fast lane.


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