Posted by: jackslife | May 11, 2009


Daniel Larison has a great post up where he discusses a paleo-friendly conservative vision that would have been considered mainstream conservatism in the past.  It seems like a return to these kind of ideas would be palatable for conservatives of various stripes.  His post is a response to this Jim Antle article, which he quotes here –

An objection is likely to enter even the minds of sympathetic readers. This sounds a lot like paleoconservatism, whose adherents are too quirky, too cantankerous, and too small in number to put together an effective political movement. But we needn’t call it “paleo” anything. It’s the ideas that matter. Not so long ago a platform along these lines—limited government, decentralism, a national interest-based foreign policy, and resistance to multiculturalism—would have been considered conservatism without the prefix [bold mine-DL]. And is it really that outlandish compared to the leading alternatives? Right now, Republicans are arguing about whether they want to remain the party that is in the minority now or go back to being the party that was in the minority for decades after the New Deal.

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