Posted by: jackslife | May 14, 2009

Localist’s Dilemma

Rod has aggregated several posts from various Front Porch Republic bloggers and commented on them.  There are some great posts in here that I had intended to comment on, but haven’t been able to find time.

This post deals with some of the dilemmas that localists and communitarians have with reconciling their localism with their often more cosmopolitan lifestyles.  Often those of us who have localist sensibilities are really just engaging in some kind of agrarian romanticism.  Somewhere between blanket acceptance of the corrosive influences of Modern society and this romanticism of the small, lies a proper balance of maintaining and restoring what is good about small communities and rural life.  We all find ourselves in a given place, and the question is whether we work to better that place, or whether we continue to engage in the overly mobile, overly consumeristic mindset that permeates our American culture.

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