Posted by: jackslife | May 25, 2009

Work With Your Hands!

Rod has another post up that has me excited!  I’m looking forward to reading the new book that is coming out called, “Shop Class As Soulcraft” by Matthew Crawford.

I really think that our society has done a big disservice to all the kids that we are sending through the system with instructions to go straight to a university and get that psycology degree.  There are some of these kids who would be much happier pursuing a trade, would spend much less time in school, and would probably make more money.  There are a lot of valid options for a career, and for many the best one is not found in a university.



  1. I’m not by any means anti-college, just anti-go-to-college-just-because-it’s-the-next-thing-to-do-so-I-can-live-the-American-Dream-of-debt. So many kids don’t even know why they are there. General Studies? Please. That’s called high school.

    I miss the butcher, baker, and candlestick maker. I think we have a good cobbler (this being a cowboy boot town and all). A horologist, oh that’d be cool.

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