Posted by: jackslife | June 17, 2009

The Tyrany of “Stuff”

Erin has a post up at the Crunchy Con blog about the clutter that many of us live with.  I know that I have seen similar situations to the one she describes acted out by my wife and I.  We go back and forth about what to get rid of, but we always manage to find reasons to keep those items that we never use.  We have far too many things.  They control our lives.  We constantly feel like we are living in chaos because there simply isn’t room to contain all of our things in an orderly manner.  I definitely see the appeal of a more minimalist lifestyle, and I think we have made steps towards that.  Still, the things we own definitely feel like they own us sometimes.



  1. Haha. This really is a never ending struggle. I know at our house with two boys under the age of 5, we are constantly evaluating our toy situation. I think we average two garage sales a year, one after Christmas, the other after birthdays.

    Ashley and I recently cleaned out our closet again to see what we could donate to Goodwill or deliever to the homeless in our city. I always think we’ll have plenty of space for a while after these cleaning’s, but it never lasts long. I can’t explain it, stuff just finds a way back into our home. We are making progress though.

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