Posted by: jackslife | June 19, 2009

Same Bird of Prey

I know this is nothing new, but ED Kain makes some points that I’ve made myself regarding the limited differences between the Democrats and Republicans.

This is the fundamental flaw in modern economic theory. It touts the creation of cheap goods via cheap labor and resources as the purpose of prosperity in and of itself. Never mind that this requires shipping all our manufacturing jobs overseas. The once well-paid auto workers will be able to buy such inexpensive goods from China that, if they are lucky enough to find them, jobs in fast food restaurants and retail outlets will be enough to subsist – nay, prosper – upon.

What a farce! Such a brilliant hood-winking of the American people! Such a plot can only be accidental, but even so, even such a conspiracy of happenstance has the same effect. The tragedy is that conservatives have bought into this scheme so completely. The only difference between the two Parties now is that one believes in taxing and spending, and the other believes in not taxing and still spending. One pretends to address the moral concerns of poverty and equal rights and the other pretends to address the moral concerns of the Religious Right. In the end, both ignore the moral concerns of a society driven by the express goal of building wealth, by excess and debt over thrift, and above all else, identifying as a society not of workers, builders, or citizens, but of consumers.

I think that the point about identifying our entire society as consumers is a good one.  My friends Peter and Chad and I were all talking about this very thing on a trip to a pair of Texas Rangers baseball games (they lost both of them, sigh).  We have started to define people as consumers, and forsaken refering to them as citizens.  We don’t cultivate a virtous citizenship, since what we really care about is protecting their rights as consumers.  Both parties are willing participants in this exercise.  It calls to mind a song by Don Edwards, called Hard Times Blues.  Here’s an excerpt –

Republicrat or Democan
There ain’t no surprise
They got their hands fulla gimme
They got their mouths fulla lies
There’s left wing and right wing,
but i got this to say
that they’re just two wings of the same bird of prey



  1. Wow, he’s just so wonderfully harsh. This makes me want to get one of those “announcement” vehicles with the big mounted speakers (like that episode of Malcolm in the Middle) so I can drive up and down neighborhood streets proclaiming this to consumers great and small.

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