Posted by: jackslife | July 9, 2009

The Place of Away We Go

Susan McWilliams has a great post up on FPR about the movie Away We Go, and the commentary on American placelessness that can be found in the film.  Beth and I went to watch Away We Go a couple of weeks ago, and I think it was the best movie I’ve seen this year.  Susan’s commentary on the movie is spot on, as is her warning for those who are easily offended.  This was the funniest movie I have seen in a long time, and the situation that the couple finds themselves in is all too familiar (except for the parents running off to Belgium).

Beth and I have talked about trying to decide where we will settle down and try to start a place for the family, but I can’t help but wonder if the exact same process will just start all over again with my children someday.  It’s depressing to think about.



  1. You’re right, great post by Susan. She’s spot on. I loved this movie so very much and it has stuck with me. I loved it not only because it’s honest and hilarious, but also because it’s a movie about exactly where we are in our life together. It is so funny and so sad all at the same time.

    The single most difficult thing I’ve had to accept through my parent’s divorce is losing all sense of place, of home. I’ve always expected my parents to eventually separate, but I never prepared myself for the overwhelming sense of placelessness I feel.

    I contemplate this dilemma every single day. I’m as much a part of the problem as I am the solution. I love that we have your family in Lubbock, but I hate (HATE) Lubbock. My home will always be where you are, but I don’t think Lubbock (the place) will ever feel like home to me.

    So the problem is, do I stay next to family in a place that will never feel like home, or do i make my home where there is no family? If we choose to live near family, where do we choose (Lubbock, Bangs, Houston, Tuscon, Washington, Illinois)?

    It’s easier to follow our parent’s example and start the process all over again than to pick which family to make our home near.

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