Posted by: jackslife | August 17, 2009

Cutting Off Your Nose…

So, it looks like liberals are the ones going off the deep end with a ridiculous boycott this time.  There is a boycott of Whole Foods gaining steam over some comments that their CEO made regarding healthcare.  This is an absolutely ridiculous boycott.  As Rod Dreher points out on his blog, there are very few companies who are better to their employees, or who are more friendly to the typical liberal agenda.  Just not a very well thought out protest.

Update – Additional comments from Balko about this story

3) That’s the crux of why I think the boycott is ill-considered, reactionary, and foolish. You’re saying, “These opinions are so horrifyingly offensive, they outweigh all the good your company does, and therefore, I’m going to punish you, your employees, and all of your suppliers.” See, I find that offensive. And yes, that’s in part because I happen to agree with most of Mackey’s recommendations.

4) I say in part because I also think the general premise is ridiculous. I shop at Costco. A lot. If the CEO of Costco wrote an op-ed calling for a single payer health care system, I’d shrug, maybe write a blog post about why I think he’s wrong, and then I’d probably go to Costco this weekend to buy some dog food, some meat, and to try to eat my membership dues in free samples. Now, if the CEO of Costco wrote an op-ed calling for genocide against redheads, then yeah, I’d stop shopping there. But calling for a boycott of a conscientious company over its CEO endorsing proven ideas like HSAs and mainstream policies like tort reform is an attempt to push good ideas you disagree with to the fringe. It’s a way of zoning your opponents best arguments out of the realm of civilized debate. In other words, it’s a way to marginalize your opponents without actually having to debate them.

5) Some commenters say they’re boycotting Whole Foods because it’s too expensive. Okay. So. You want a company that pays its employees well, gives them great benefits, demands high environmental and humane treatment standards from its suppliers, caters to a variety of dietary restrictions, offers organic produce, and manages to keep its prices low so working class people can shop there. Oh, and it can’t be part of the “industrial supply chain,” either, whatever that means. Good luck! Of course, you all hate Walmart because it does keep prices low, but does so by paying its employees less and pressuring its suppliers for lower wholesale prices.

I guess we could just have the government grow, process, and distribute all the food. That seems to have worked really well in North Korea. But then if the government is the only food supplier, how could you wage a boycott when the government doesn’t let the food workers unionize?

Hey, just asking!



  1. Wow. Fools.

    “In short, Whole Foods is everything leftists talk about when they talk about “corporate responsibility.”
    But the company’s CEO deviates somewhat from what the Official Liberal Line on healthcare is, and now it’s time to attempt to destroy his business.”

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