Posted by: jackslife | August 20, 2009

Stealing from the Guvment

Great post on FPR about growing your own tobacco, and the disturbing use of congressional power to declare it illegal to produce a crop in quantities deemed large enough to “impact interstate commerce”.  This particular post was specifically influenced by an article on people growing their own tobacco to avoid paying the “sin tax” on that product.

Deneen rightly points out that the Wickard vs. Filburn case (not new by any means, but disturbing none the less) seems to be a precedent for allowing congress to make production of anything illegal for an individual.  It seems like they could logically extend this to make gardening illegal, since the recent popularity has an effect on interstate commerce.  I don’t really care whether my garden threatens interstate commerce, I should be allowed to grow whatever legal crops I want to, in whatever quantities I want to, and my neighbors should be able to do the same.



  1. Is it just me, or is the speed of this hand basket rapidly accelerating?

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