Posted by: jackslife | September 14, 2009

How to Preserve a Small Town

Rod has a post up on the Crunchy Con blog that discusses the future of small towns.  This is a topic that I have really been interested in over the last few years.  Historically it seems that American small towns have often been tied to agricultural activity.  Changes in the landscape of agriculture have decreased the number of jobs that this industry supplies.  As a person who would really like to live in a smaller town, I find myself asking what kind of options could be pursued to make it possible for people to live in small towns.  Rod points out that it would be impossible for him (a journalist) to relocate to his home town, due to a total lack of career options.  My wife and I have often talked about the question of what a person would do for a living in the small West Texas towns that are scattered around my neck of the world.  If you aren’t in agriculture your options for work are pretty slim in these towns.  I’m sure there are more options in some other locations, but I’m not sure what they are.

What can small towns do to attract, and keep, people and businesses?  What thoughts do you have about what an individual could do in a small town to earn a living?  What kinds of businesses (I’m interested in something other than factories, since that is an obvious possibility that can’t really be counted on) could be built in a small town that would supply jobs to the community?


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